Raw Horse 馬刺し in Japan with Tomoko & Kiibi!


・I like small boobs. They stay firm longer and look amazing during sex.

・Near your age? And still look sexy as fuck. Is there someone hitting that ? Eating that ass raw ?

・My wife is Japanese from Kobe City and she said you sound guy when you were asking those guys what are those glasses Lol you should straight to me, I told her you not and then she said he lives in Tokyo she said Tokyo guys soiund gay lol I here that from people in Osaka and Kobe all the time, Why is that? Well this is her first time watching your blog.

・by far my favorite video….thank you yellow pants

sigh…i need to get out more

・if only i could rock yellow shorts that well.

・i love how victor says “horses are our friends.” and then he eats one.

it’s like finding nemo with fishes are friends not food. lol

・One short question from me: I know, Victor, youre not allowed to talk about that in detail but what would you say, how much do you earn from your YouTube channel: pretty much, much, medium, something a bit below medium, little, very little (scant) or like nothing…? For your living standards in Japan? #£€$$¥

・Only English needs all the verbs and pronouns in place so that nobody has to make use of context.

・I have a short list of life lessons I’ve learned. Here is one that comes to mind: All human activity is either creative (love, kindness, art, music, healing, teaching, building, etc) or destructive (hatred, anger, war, greed, prejudice, exploitation, etc). You have to choose which side you are on.

・Some very uneducated idiot started an argument in a comment section a few weeks ago about raw meat. How unhealthy it is, dirty and how it spreads diseases… I’d show him this video if I hadn’t blocked him… ^^ We Germans and Japanese love our raw meat! And I’d love to try horse meat… That’s one I haven’t had the chance to eat, yet…

・The most important (and, for me, the hardest) lesson I’ve learned? Try everything, except for things that will kill you or injure you. Examples: Eat horse meat? Sure, find out what it’s like. Smoke cigarettes? No. That kills you. Jump into a cold lake? Yes. It can be exhilarating. Jump into a BOILING hot spring? No. Trust me, you’ll need your skin later.
The second-most important (and second-hardest) lesson to learn? Know when to stop.

・Do they serve donkey meat in Japan too??? I would imagine the waiter walking to the table with a giant platter and saying “Bite my ass”

・Oh, hello there zombi san, :)…. Beer’s even better after a six-miler.

・i feel like im watching a japanese anthony bordain. +5 upload points for the queen bee babe <33

・Expect the worst and the worst that life can do is meet your expectations.

・Great vid, love when Kibi and Tomoko accompany you makes for entertaining viewing while the three of you interact together

・raw horse !! I wish I could eat it. because I want to get hard

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Baby miniature horse chasing me

・Beer-ing has become a verb in Sweden. ‘Cuz we’re ace like that.

・Great video! Love to watch you all eat & party.

・kibi has instagram??

・It a lot of fun to watch the three of you hang out (and discuss your food).  By the way, I think Kibi’s bangs look good!  🙂

・Mr Ed theme song seems appropriate

・Kibi seems to be more of a comedian than you are

・Can we please get the King to respond to this ASAP?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x0kq-ESnMM

・Victor: Hello Moron’s

Me: Hello King of Moron’s

love the begining of the video btw

・I really like the format you used for this video. The back-and-forth between the restaurant and the street is interesting to watch

・What have I learned so far in my life? What comes around, doesn’t go around.


・I’m salivating anytime I think of horse meat, which is anytime I see a horse.

・Kibi is great lol

・Great video,great editing,great fun!

・+1 for yellow shorts.

I learned that people don’t really want their questions answered and that they rarely ask the question they want answered. As a corollary if you actually answer the question they asked they may become upset.

It looked like the three of you were having a great time. How many places did you stop at?

・My husband is from Kumamoto. He gave up asking me to eat raw things, including fish and *horse* (which seams to be a delicacy in the south) 😀
the video is great. Good for a relaxing morning before work.

・Do Japanese men wear makeup (mascara, powder, lipstick, lip gloss. etc) like Korean guys do?

・10:22 LOL Kibi got you there. Who’s the teacher now?

・Think for yourself and your own.

・These are great slice of life videos.
Also thanks for the math teasers – kibi looks fantastic for 36 but why was she wearing a men’s dress shirt front-to-back?

・I have to be up for work in four hours. *checks YouTube for any cool videos* Oh! Victor posted something…..welp…I’ll sleep later. >_<" The most important thing I've learned in life is to take chances and be adventurous. Life is too short to be too afraid.

・tomoko was wise to not eat the horse

・I’m so glad you took the time to vlog this, all the food looks delicious and I even learned some new words! Videos like these are what I look forward to.

・Big boobs really are overrated! nothing but a hassle, I don’t get the hype about them but then again I’m not attracted to them LOL

・Best advise Do or Do not there is no try which actually works in real life.

・5.44 takes off gd shoes steps on dirty part of genkan in socks!!👎👎

・Kimi troll levels are on 100% today. ビクターお疲れ様ですw

・10:33 and victor managed to bite his tongue just in time.

・If I didn’t know any better, I would say that woman in yellow is Saho Akari of the idol group “Up Up Girls Kakko Kari”. I’m not sure what she would be doing selling hangover remedies, but it is pretty common for less famous idols to have to find various small jobs to make a decent income. Can’t say for sure, but that’s very interesting to me if that was her.

・Don’t take like so seriously and laugh more!

・what does genki mean?

・kibi likes to troll you more then tomoko lol

・Whatever shes selling, Ill buy it.

・Lesson in life. 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but 3 rights make a left.

・Very fun video Victor!! Always good when you can hang out with two beautiful women. I always learn new words while listening to the conversation.

・What a lovely day! You’re all wonderful.

・The lesson I learned is, don’t trust people too much.